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Who are we? 

My name is John Ricketts. I am a mechanical engineer who just loves to design stuff! If you have an idea that needs developing and turning into CAD models, drawings prototype parts in plastic or metal, or even volume production parts then I can help.

Being a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with PhD and skills honed by 25 years experience, I believe that I have a lot to contribute to your particular project. Having worked in challenging engineering roles in several different industries covering extremes of the technology spectrum with a refreshing hands-on approach that yields results, I started Coalescent Solutions originally as a platform on which to grow ideas into 3D reality. 

No project is too small....even if you just want to reverse engineer a component for a classic vehicle that is no longer in manufacture i can help!

Coalescent Solutions Limited offers a cost-effective rapid prototyping service from design conception, CAD drawing and solid-modelling, through to 3D printing of prototypes in ABS plastic and ultimately metal parts from CNC machining or "lost-wax" castings in various metals. If you have the idea, we can grow it.


Coalescent Solutions Limited is registered in the UK
Company registration number 07530144, VAT registration number 107570918

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